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Supplier Quality Requirements




Supplier Quality Requirments


Terms and Conditions


1.0     Introduction

The purpose of these Supplier Quality Requirements is to define the supplier quality requirements for Ranger, to ensure that purchased product conforms to specified purchasing requirements. 

These supplier requirements correlate to Ranger’s procedures for Supplier Selection/Evaluation and Purchasing Documentation, QPM 7-041.

Ranger reserves the right to amend/update/revise these Requirements at any time.

2.0  Scope

These Requirements apply to suppliers who directly provide material (raw materials, production services, component parts and assemblies) to Ranger, unless otherwise exempted by contract, purchase order, or noted in these Requirements.  Facility (building) MRO items and general services are excluded from this process except for the purchase order terms and conditions.

In the event that the purchase order or contract conflicts with the requirements of this document, the purchase order or contract requirements will supersede.

3.0    Right of Access

The supplier shall provide Ranger, Ranger’s customer(s), and/or a specified third party (statutory/regulatory agency), right of access to the facility and all records related to product ordered by Ranger or one of its customers.  Ranger, its customer’s representative, and/or a specified third party reserves the right to perform an audit or inspection at the supplier’s facility to verify that supplied product conforms to specified requirements.  This verification does not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product and does not preclude subsequent rejection by Ranger or its customer.

4.0    Confidentiality Agreement

By accepting the terms of a Ranger Contract and Purchase Order, suppliers agree to adhere to the confidentiality agreements stated herein.  Information considered confidential may include, but not limited to:

                        • Customer-supplied documentation/records
                        • Customer-supplied product/property
                        • Customer furnished data used for design, production and/or inspection
                        • Intellectual property

4.1                   NO USE – The Supplier agrees not to use Confidential Information in any way, or to manufacture, test, and/or distribute any product embodying Confidential Information, except for the purpose set forth in the Purchase Order.

4.2                   NO DISCLOSURE – Supplier agrees to use its best efforts to prevent and protect the Confidential Information, or any part thereof, from disclosure to any person other than supplier's employees having a need for disclosure in connection with supplier's authorized use of the Confidential Information and production/process activities.

4.3                   PROTECTION OF SECRECY – Supplier agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary to protect the secrecy of the Confidential Information, and to prevent the Confidential Information from falling into the public domain or into the possession of unauthorized persons.

4.4                   TERM AND TERMINATION – The obligations of this Agreement shall be continuing until the Confidential Information disclosed to suppliers is no longer confidential.

5.0    Raw Materials Suppliers

Unless otherwise specified, raw material suppliers shall provide material certifications/test reports with all shipments.  Ranger will periodically validate supplier’s reports for raw material to verify that data in those reports are acceptable per applicable specifications.

6.0    Special Processes Suppliers

Special Process Suppliers shall use only Ranger approved special process suppliers unless otherwise specified by contract. The supplier may request that a sub-contractor be added to a Ranger approved supplier list through the Purchasing Department, however, such sources may not be used prior to receipt of documented Ranger approval.

7.0    Sub-Tier Selection/Control

Ranger reserves the right to specify and/or approve sub-tier suppliers chosen by its suppliers.  Direct suppliers shall flow down to their sub-tier suppliers all relevant quality requirements imposed by these Requirements, purchasing documents, applicable contract requirements, including government and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements.

8.0    Certification of Conformance

Each shipment shall include a certification of conformance unless otherwise specified by contract. A supplier must provide certification of conformance for all materials and processes specified on the Purchase Order or contract, for each shipment.


9.0    Special Process Certificates

In addition to the general certification, an additional special process certification is required. The certificate will contain at a minimum: The process performed, the specification number, revision level, purchase order number, part number, lot size, sample size, applicable process specifications/controls and/or applicable test results.

10.0  Raw Material Certificates

Raw materials supplied shall include a copy of the original mill certificate or material test report (certification) from a test lab acceptable to Ranger.  Raw material mill certifications may not be altered or have any markings other than check marks from verification of physical and chemical values and/or indication of inspection acceptance.  Stamps may also be applied by warehouses/distributors to add the Ranger purchase order, poundage shipped, etc.

11.0  Supplier Qualification Record

Suppliers are selected based on the information in the abovementioned paragraphs and the data supplied to Ranger on the “Supplier Qualification Record,” and may include the following:

  1. Quality of first order;
  2. Delivery of first order; and
  3. Accompanying data (certificates) of first order.   


Once approved, suppliers are thereafter periodically evaluated on a quarterly basis to ensure continued conformance to Ranger’s criteria.

12.0  Drawing and Change Control

The supplier’s quality management system must ensure that the latest engineering drawings and specifications are available at the manufacturing, test and/or inspection locations.  Written procedures should indicate the method(s) utilized for receipt, review or distribution of all changes and the method(s) of recalling and disposing of an obsolete item.  A review process, conducted at least once each calendar year, must be established in the system for confirming that specifications are at the latest revision level with the issuing source.

Suppliers must coordinate and document all changes with Ranger Engineering.  This may involve customers and/or regulatory authorities in accordance with contract or regulatory requirements.

13.0  Nonconforming Material

Suppliers shall begin containment action immediately upon discovery/notification of a nonconforming product/service.  If a product escaped their facility and has been shipped to Ranger, the supplier will immediately notify the respective Ranger Material Manager.  This notification must include a clear description of the nonconformity, and include as necessary, parts affected, Ranger and/or organization part numbers, quantity, and date(s) delivered.


For product that has been found or suspected nonconforming prior to shipment to Ranger, all requests for approval for “repair” or to be “used as is” must be submitted to Ranger for approval and held at the supplier’s premises pending receipt of documented approval.   Any product dispositioned as “use as is” MUST NOT DEPART FROM RANGER-SPECIFIED REQUIREMENTS.

Nonconforming products identified (1) at a supplier’s facility, (2) returned from Ranger’s facility, (3) through performance testing, and/or field failures must be systematically analyzed to determine the root cause(s) of the nonconformance.  

Supplier shall submit a formal written Corrective Action Response within 3 days from receipt of a Corrective Action Request (CAR) by Ranger.  Supplier will flow down the corrective action requirement to a sub-tier supplier (including key characteristics where required), when it is determined that the sub-tier supplier is responsible for the root cause 

Failure to respond to a corrective action request may result in punitive action up to and including removal and/or suspension from the Ranger Approved Supplier List/Register.

14.0 Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) Prevention Program

Supplier shall assure cleanliness of products/services provided.  When designated on Purchase Order, delivered product must be clean and free from any debris, such as machined chips, burrs, grinding dust forming materials corrosion, oil and other foreign material on surface to prevent F.O.D. entrapment.

15.0 Records

Supplier must retain adequate quality system records, including all production planning documents, process guidelines, laboratory test instructions, gauge/test equipment verification and calibration and performance test methods. In addition, the supplier must retain quality performance records, including control charts, inspection and test results, where appropriate.  At a minimum, the supplier must retain the records for the periods indicated and be made available for review as required:

            - Quality system records                  10 calendar years
            - Quality performance records        10 calendar years

16.0   Shipment and Packaging Requirements

Supplier shall comply with all requirements for shipping, packaging and labeling.  In the absence of specific requirements, suitable protection from corrosion, contamination and handling damage during transit is required.


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