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Suppliers Quality Requirements
Quality Control

 Quality Control

Ranger Tool & Die, its employees, and management are committed to and will actively pursue continuous improvement in the quality of our products.

Ranger is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our Quality Systems are frequently reviewed through internal and external audits with results reviewed by management.

We currently implement the following quality control processes:


  Receiving inspection

All incoming products are either visually inspected or otherwise verified in order to ensure that the correct product, quantity and quality are received.


  In-process and final inspection

We verify that product conforms to customer-specified requirements through in-process and final inspection.


  Gage calibration

A gage calibration program is in place to ensure our customers that the inspection, measuring and test equipment used on their products is accurate.


  Supplier qualification and evaluation processes

Sub-contracted suppliers are approved according to our quality system.  We monitor and evaluate our existing suppliers on a regular basis to ensure quality parts and service.


  Customer satisfaction assessment

Customer survey results consistently rate our quality and customer support as excellent.


  Formal written audit and improvement objectives

Audit results are reviewed and changes are made as needed to conform to our goal of continuous improvement.


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