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 Other Equipment

  Cincinnati Hydroforming Press - 12" Blank Capacity for Forming and Drawing Sheet Metal Stampings

  Cincinnati Hyrdoforming Press - 8" Blank Capacity for Forming and Drawing Sheet Metal Stampings

  Pacific Press - C-Frame for Forming and Stamping; 150 ton

  Four-Foot Metal Shear capacity

  Four-Foot Metal Shear 1/16" capacity

  10 Presses ranging in size from 25 ton to 150 ton

  4 computers running our bookkeeping, estimating, job tracking, job history, inventory control, etc., in a fully integrated system

  9 Computers operating our CAD/CAM Systems and our DNC System to our CNC Machinery

  Three stations of a Computer Aided Machining System (CAM).  We specialize in converting customer supplied database into CNC programs.  These programs are sent to our nineteen various CNC machines by a directnumerical control (DNC) network.  We are able to utilize both 2D and 3D data in wire frame, surface model, catia or unigraphics solids to create both parts and tooling.  Programs can be verified on our CAM system by the simulated machining of a part on the computer before actually cutting any material.

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